Captain or Captain & Cook/stew

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67ft sailing yacht looking for either a Captain or Captain with a cook/stew partner to join end of March ideally.

The boat is private use only. New England (Newport) based in the summer with regular trips to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Likely Maine for a few weeks later in the season. Caribbean based in the winter, specifically Antigua as they have a villa on the island which makes for regular day sails and the occasional overnight to green island and or Barbuda. There will be some involvement in the villa, helping out with logistics including provisioning and organising a villa chef and so on.

You need to be a confident sailor as the boss likes to push the yacht and is himself a competent helmsman. Ideally you have some drive time from previous roles or have good experience as 1st Mate and looking for a first drive. Further after someone who can do all general maintenance and engineering upkeep of the yacht. If with a cook/stew partner, they also need to know how to sail as wells have some prior experience in similar roles.

With the boat being in the states this summer candidates either have to have B1/B2 or be US citizens.


    Other passports?
    Visa Years of yacht experience Not shipping, cruise liner or land based.
    If you have a CV, references, food portfolio etc. you can upload a PDF or Word doc/docx here. Max filsize 2 mb.